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Stay Tuned!

In January of 2023, I wrote a first draft of a manuscript that was the most creative and least psychology-driven picture book story that I had come up with. The idea popped in my head at a workshop that Caroline Brooks DuBois was running while on a book tour for Ode to a Nobody (which is a great novel, btw).

The draft was short - even for a picture book - around 230 words - and packed full of action. I sent it to several kidlit writer friends for an initial look. The feedback was the same...funny idea, super cute language, but just not enough here...not enough to illustrate, not enough motivation in the main character to hook a reader or listener...just not enough.

I just set the manuscript aside for quite a while, but the idea kept nagging at me, so I knew it was worth coming back to when I had a bit more time and energy for writing.

The last four months, I have really been focusing more on writing, in general, and specifically tweaking this manuscript. It is now about 470 words. At my best count, I am on draft 12. It has been critiqued by professional writers and editors, and I am now awaiting feedback from people who are not in the field but who are field adjacent or who simply love to read. I have incorporated edits and suggestions, including the most recent from people who I trust,

The manuscript is vastly different than it was in the beginning, and even a good deal from the last draft, but I like the way it has shaped up. It still feels interesting and fun, and it has a lot more heart. I think it is very close to being submittable - little tweaks only from here, based on feedback that I get from the readers it is with now.

Next up is a book of wisdoms from my parrot, which will be published by Tif'eret Press. So, stay tuned!

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